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Environmental Conservation Activities

“COOL CHOICE” Activities

[What is COOL CHOICE?]

●The rising Earth’s temperature has become a major concern worldwide. With an increase in global warming having implications of atmospheric temperature also affects the core temperatures. In the last 100 years, the average temperature in Japan has risen by 1°C. The major cause of global warming being CO2 emissions has recently increased from households because people choose lifestyle convenience over environment-friendly choices.

●Smart energy-saving ideas and technologies are Japanese born since for a long time Japan has been a country with very limited resources. Cutting-edge technologies have gained a lot of praise and reputation from the world. Technologies being modern and not old fashioned and at the same time being eco-friendly by reducing CO2 emissions makes them worthy of “TECH FOR THE NEXT-GENERATION”.

●Simple individual efforts can bring great change. Imagine how “Many drops make a mighty ocean”. Simple lifestyle changes like turning off lights, power-saving on air conditioners, saving water, and also eco-friendly cars, home appliances, and necessities can bring change. The future will change if we choose to.

Source: COOL CHOICE website



We are active followers of the ECO-CAP Movement followed in Japan. Through recycling pet-bottle caps, the sales profits are used to support activities such as infectious disease control by donation for vaccines, environmental education, and activities for children, as well as independent support and job creation activities for people with disabilities.

Our eco-cap campaign is sponsored by the “NPO Corporation Eco-Cap Promotion Association”.


Gifu Environment-Friendly Office

An Environment-Friendly Business Office is an entity that is actively dedicated to pollution prevention and proper management of chemical substance, waste recycling, global environmental conservation, green initiatives, and local environmental conservation.

Registered as an Environment-Friendly Business Establishment in Gifu Prefecture and ISO 14000 certified. We are further working on the following actions:

  • Regional environmental conservation
  • Proper management of chemical substances
  • Waste treatment and recycling measures
  • Global environment conservation measures for CO2 reduction
  • Active support on Green Initiatives and cooperation in local environmental conservation activities

Eco-Establishment Certification

Our Nagoya Branch Office was recently awarded the Eco-Establishment Certification by the City of Nagoya for voluntarily and proactively implementing environment-friendly practices in its business activities.

ISO 14000 certified for and further working to:

  • Reduce waste generation and promote recycling
  • Promote energy and resource conservationEffective use of water resources
  • Environmental consideration towards car use

Gifu City- Global Warming Prevention Supporter

Registered as a Global Warming Prevention Supporter in Gifu City for our active participation by working together and supporting local communities, schools, universities, businesses, and families in response to the global warming issues in Gifu City.

We support “manpower support” and “PR support (public relations support)” such as environmental study sessions and dispatch of lecturers, as well as PR activities related to various environmental activities.