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Corporate Philosophy

Business Creed

” Always be grateful and dedicated to work with enthusiasm “

The founder, Jiro Nishiyama, had a strong spirit to keep the gratitude in mind to the valuable relationship with people and be devoted to work with enthusiasm, from its inception of company establishment.

Our business creed is continuously inherited based on this Spirit.

Management Philosophy

Being a professional consulting engineer contributing to the creation of a safe and prosperous society with the best use of our highly reliable engineering capabilities and extensive intelligence.

Being a rewarding “going concern” by having each executive and employee increase their sincerity and enterprising spirit, and create new value and culture.

Code of Conducts

We have established the following “code of conducts” in order to hold high sense of ethics, to always act with social good sense, and to conduct fair and forthright corporate activities.

1.Compliance with Laws and Social Norms

We are committed to holding high sense of ethics, complying with laws, social norms, social rules and office regulations, and acting with a high sense of responsibility.

2.Provision of High Quality Engineering Services and Establishment of Trust

We are committed to providing better services to respond to the needs of the clients, to ensure high quality and safety, and to consider the environments for the purpose of obtaining client’s trust and improving the client’s satisfaction.

3.Fair and Appropriate Business Activities

We are committed to maintaining impartial, fair and transparent relations with the clients and competing firms, and engaging in free competition and appropriate business transactions.

4.Proper Management of Personal and Client Data and Information

We are committed to strictly protecting and managing personal and client data and information obtained during the business activities.

5.Respect of Human Rights and Creation of Worthwhile Workplace Environments

We are committed to respecting fundamental human rights, diversity, personality and individuality of each employee, and creating safe and worthwhile workplace environments.

6.Consideration and Conservation for Global Environment

We are committed to positively working to conserve the environmental well-being of the Earth and to create environmentally-friendly society, as a good corporate citizen, in order to develop sustainable society.

7.Contribution to Society

Being aware that a corporate is a public entity of society and a member of the local community, we are committed to engaging in community-based activities that contribute to society as a good corporate citizen, in order to materialize regional welfare and safe and secure society.

8.Thorough Conformity with the Above Code of Conducts

We are committed to developing effective internal organizational structure for thorough conformity with our code of conducts.