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Civil Engineering Consultants

Civil engineering consultants are the experts, who provide the engineering services for the development of social infrastructure implement by central government and such local governments as prefectural, municipality and town and village government offices.

Civil engineering consultants work for the social infrastructure development at such several stages as planning, design, construction (supervision), maintenance and management, and contribute to the development of a country.

Civil engineering consultants have expanded the service areas with the change of times, and play an important role of delivering the safety and comfortability to people’s living in the fields of urban planning, disaster prevention planning and new energies.

At times of disaster, civil engineering consultants cooperate with the governments in inspection and investigation of infrastructure, and contribute to early recovery and restoration from disaster damage.

We, civil engineering consultants, are going to endeavor daily to develop our engineering capabilities to meet the sophisticated and diversified needs of the society, for the creation of safe, secure and comfortable society.