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Bridges and Structures


Bridges are the important structures, constructed at the interruption of roads due to river and stream, crossing road and railway, valley and sea. Dainichi plans and designs the reasonable and cost effective road bridges.


  • Preliminary bridge planning and design
  • Detailed design of road bridges
  • Detailed design of pedestrian bridges
  • Detailed design of temporary structures (earth retaining works, temporary bridges and jetties)

Deai Bridge (Civil Engineering Design Prize)

Ukai Bridge (Tanaka Award, Japan Society of Civil Engineers)

Tsubokawa Bridge on Chubu-Odan Expressway

Takasu-Naka Viaduct on Tokyo-Gaikan Expressway

Strengthening Design of Bridges

Japan is prone to large-scale earthquakes. It is therefore in need of implementing the seismic retrofitting of bridges against such earthquakes to prevent bridge fall and collapse. With the increase of vehicle dimensions and weight, there are a lot of bridge superstructures to be strengthened against increased live loading. Dainichi has been implementing a large number of bridge strengthening designs in Gifu Prefecture and other local government offices in Japan. Dainichi has sufficient capabilities to propose suitable strengthening method for each bridge.


  • Seismic retrofitting design of bridges, including special bridges such as truss and arch
  • Design of base isolation of bridges
  • Replacement of bridge bearings
  • Design of bridge widening
  • Design of strengthening of bridge superstructures

3-dimensional spatial analysis of a truss bridge

Bridge fall prevention device

Strengthening of a bridge deck for improving load carrying capacity

Bridge Life-Extending Repair and Planning

For bridge maintenance and management, preventive maintenance method, rather than reactive maintenance method, has been implemented recently. Dainichi develops the bridge life-extending repair plans (BLRPs), and performs the bridge repair design when the bridge is in need of repairs based on the in-depth investigations for fatigue, chloride attack, alkali-silica reaction and so on.


  • Development of bridge life-extending repair plan
  • Study on suitable repair methods and design of bridge repair
  • Development of maintenance and management plan for road facilities
  • Development of repair plan for historically valuable bridges
  • Study and design of suitable repair method for fatigue failure of bridge deck slab
  • Study and design of measures against chloride attack
  • Implementation of a variety of non-destructive tests for bridge structures

Measurement of deck slab deflection

Strain measurement on truss bridge diagonal members

Repairs on steel bridge

FEM analysis on deck slab

Bridge Inspection

A bridge is one of the social infrastructures indispensable to form a part of road network such as community roads and emergency routes, and are to be properly maintained and managed. Dainichi provides high quality bridge inspection, to be implemented by qualified professionals who are familiar with bridge structures, designs and mechanism of bridge defects, damage and deterioration.


  • Implementation of bridge inspection
  • Operation of bridge inspection vehicles and mobile elevating work platforms for close visual inspection
  • In-depth investigation for identification of defects, damage and deterioration (magnetic particle test, various tests on concrete, etc.)
  • Seminars and workshops on bridge inspection and diagnosis for local government officers

Inspection using a bridge inspection vehicle

Inspection using rope access (ropework)
Training on bridge inspection
Inspection using a mobile elevating work platform

Training on bridge inspection

Inspection using a mobile elevating work platform