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Compensation Consultancy

Land Surveys

Dainichi conducts necessary surveys on lands and properties when the land acquisition is needed for project implementation. With the recognition that land surveys are related to the properties of proprietors and therefore important, Dainichi provides faithful and fair compensation consulting services with trust from both project owners and proprietors.


Land Survey

  • Survey for land and building registry books, survey for proprietors
  • Land survey (restoration survey, boundary detection, boundary survey, acreage calculation)
  • Development of land surveyed maps, negotiation for public land boundary decision
  • Survey for land use history

Property and Machine

  • Survey for houses, gas stations, factories, tombs, machinery, structures, trees, etc.

Compensation for Business Interruption

  • Survey for restaurants, medical services, factories, hotels, shops, etc.

Boundary detection

Reception for land owners and leaseholders

Survey for Losses on Business

In order to verify the effects to surrounding environments due to construction works, necessary surveys are to be implemented before and after the project implementation. When the adverse effects are identified, Dainichi estimates the sharing of expenses related to the recovery and compensation for losses. With our previous plentiful achievements, Dainichi works not only for buildings, but also for water depletion, shading and so on.


Preliminary Survey, Follow-Up Survey

  • Survey for ground movement, water depletion, noise and vibration, radio disturbance, shading (livestock, rice, vegetables, fruit trees, etc.)

Sharing of Expenses

  • Estimate of sharing of expenses related to recovery and compensation for losses based on preliminary survey and follow-up

Crack survey

Gap survey

Other Compensation Services

With our experienced staff members as professional compensation consultants, Dainichi works faithfully and carefully to assist the project owners and clients. Dainichi also helps in solving the various issues with its wide variety of fields of expertise.


Support for the Clients

  • Land readjustment, explanation for stakeholder meeting, comprehensive compensation works

Project Approval

  • Preparation of meeting materials, preparation of application documents