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Natural Environment

In order to facilitate infrastructure projects in harmony and symbiosis with natural environments, Dainichi proposes consistent environmental conservation plans and measures in the life cycle from the preliminary investigation to design, construction supervision, follow-up and maintenance. Dainichi also supports environmental conservation activities with public participation and public-private partnership.


  • Flora and fauna survey, ecosystem survey (raptors, protected species, etc.)
  • Environmental conservation planning and design
  • Environmental conservation measures (transplant of endangered species, etc.)
  • Support on environmental conservation activities with public participation and public-private partnership
  • Environmental education

Identification of precious species

Protection for precious species

Measurement of Japanese giant salamander

A bat found in a tunnel

Living Environment

In order to conserve the roadside environments, Dainichi surveys the air pollution, noise, vibration and sunshine at sites, predicts the effects thereof to roadside environments theoretically, and proposes the appropriate environmental measures. For example, shading effects to roadside environments (shade time) due to construction of a viaduct can be predicted and evaluated quantitatively using virtual reality (VR).


  • Environmental assessment
  • Measurement of air pollution, noise, vibration, sunshine time (shade time) and odor at sites, impact assessment, prediction and evaluation
  • Study on conservation measures (measures for noise reduction, etc.)
  • Environmental conservation planning and design
  • Satellite image analysis (ground surface temperature, land cover classification, etc.)

Air quality survey for an expressway

Noise survey for a prefectural road

Odor survey for riverbed sediment

Television radio wave interference survey

Soil Contamination and Wastes

As a designated investigation organization of Soil Contamination Countermeasures Law, Dainichi investigates various projects implemented based on law and tunnel construction not based on law and proposes the measures. Dainichi also investigates the industrial waste illegal dumping sites and studies the measures thereof.


  • Soil contamination survey
  • Measures for soil contamination
  • Waste disposal planning
  • Survey on industrial waste illegal dumping sites, planning for measures

Sampling of gas in soil

Survey on the depth of soil contamination

Demonstration of absorption layer installation in contaminated soil