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Geological Analysis

Geological Analysis

For the purpose of obtaining effective geological information, Dainichi plans and implements appropriate geological surveys, thereafter conducts comprehensive analyses and investigations with the use of the results. Dainichi proposes appropriate measures against issues arisen during design and construction.


Survey Planning

  • Collecting and organizing existing data and information
  • Topographic map reading, field reconnaissance
  • Geological survey planning

Comprehensive Analysis and Investigation

  • Summarizing the survey data and information, development of drawings
  • Analysis and investigation, identification of issues
  • Proposing the measures against issues

Subsurface & Geophysical Exploration

In order to understand the necessary geological information related to design and construction of social infrastructure such as road, tunnel, bridge and revetment as well as to visualize the subsurface conditions, Dainichi carries out borehole drilling (drilling, in-situ test, sampling, laboratory test, etc.) and geophysical exploration (seismic prospecting, electrical prospecting, geophysical logging, etc.). Practically, for the purpose of improving the accuracy and visualizing the subsurface conditions planarly and spatially, several types of surveys are implemented together.


Borehole Survey

  • Borehole drilling
  • In-situ tests (standard penetration test, etc)

Geophysical Exploration

  • Seismic prospecting
  • Electrical prospecting
  • Various geophysical loggings

Borehole survey

Survey results obtained in combination with geophysical exploration

Numerical Analysis

With the use of various survey results, Dainichi conducts numerical analysis on the present and future movement of slope and groundwater. Dainichi provides highly accurate outputs by means of comparing the analysis results and surveyed data in the previous analysis.


  • Slope stability analysis (limit equilibrium method: LEM, finite element method: FEM)
  • Seepage flow analysis
  • Analysis for discharge and ground water level (statistical method, storage type model)
  • Others (heat transfer analysis, etc.)

Slope stability study

Prediction of effects from dearth of water

Other Various Surveys

Dainichi carries out various surveys utilizing our topographic and geological reconnaissance techniques for the sake of facilitating disaster prevention measures, restraining the disasters, and smoothly determining the compensation for losses on business due to drying up of a well and so on.


  • Topographic and geological reconnaissance
  • Road disaster prevention inspection
  • Riverbank inspection and investigation
  • Full-scale inspection and investigation on road infrastructure
  • Climbing survey
  • Hydrological survey, etc.

Full-scale inspection for road infrastructure

Road disaster prevention inspection

Climbing survey