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Overseas Projects

With the use of grants and finances from the clients such as Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Asian Development Bank (ADB), Dainichi assists the developing countries in infrastructure development for their future independence and sustainable development.

Dainichi has undertaken a large number of excellent projects in the following fields:

  • Feasibility study on road infrastructure projects, including environmental impact assessment, involuntary resettlement, and indigenous people
  • Plan and design of road infrastructure
  • Technical assistance on road and bridge maintenance and management capacity development
  • Technical assistance on road and bridge quality control capacity development
  • Construction supervision on road and bridge construction

Project Name: Sustainable Infrastructure Assistance Program – Strengthening Community Participation in Project Design, Implementation, and Monitoring in Regional Road Development Projects (ADB TA: Indonesia)

This subproject aimed to address the NGO’s concerns and strengthen stakeholders’ engagement to ensure they maximize the benefits of the investment project through support for enhanced communications and participation measures in the project areas of Central Java, East Java, East Kalimantan, and West Kalimantan.

Public Participation by Workshop

Our major activities

  • Stakeholder analysis and communication survey for such various safeguard issues as environment, resettlement, indigenous peoples, gender mainstreaming, road safety, and HIV/AIDS and human trafficking awareness and prevention
  • Development of participation plan
  • Development of stakeholder communication strategy
  • Arrangement regional training workshops for stakeholders with relevant government staff
  • Development practical toolkits for road project developers that can be used throughout Indonesia, such as a video introducing communication and participation, presentation series for power-point, and so on

Project Name: The Project for Capacity Development on Bridge Management in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (JICA)

Road Development Authority (RDA) is the agency which constructs, operates and manages the major national highways, including bridges and road structures. It is to provide the technical assistance so that RDA can improve the capacity of managing approximately 5,000 bridges on national highways systematically, efficiently and effectively,

Bridge Inspection using Bridge Inspection Vehicle

Our major activities

  • Review and analyze the present bridge management institutional framework
  • Assist with developing the draft bridge management strategy and sharing it with RDA head office and regional offices
  • Review the present roles and responsibilities of each organization involved in bridge management and develop the drafts for revision
  • Review the present bridge management procedures within RDA, including head office and regional offices, and develop the drafts for revision
  • Develop the draft staffing and budget plans for the revised bridge management system
  • Review the present bridge management manuals and summarize the issues to be addressed, and revised bridge inspection, diagnosis and repair manuals
  • Review and analyze the present database, and develop the Bridge management System (BMS)
  • On-the-job training on bridge inspection, diagnosis, repair and use of BMS
  • Develop the draft human resources development plan

Project Name: Strengthening Institutional Capacity of National Development Agency (ADN) (Phase-I & Phase-II) in Timor-Leste (JICA)

In order that National Development Agency (ADN) of the Government of Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste (Timor-Leste) can implement the operation and quality assurance of infrastructure development projects in four fields: road and bridge, electric power, water supply, and airport and port, Dainichi assists ADN with development of necessary manuals as well as conducts on-the-job trainings for the assessment, monitoring and inspection.

Classroom Lesson for Roads and Bridges

Our major activities

  • Collect and analyze the existing technical manuals and guidelines
  • Surveyed the ways of inspection, review and monitoring, work procedures for infrastructure construction projects presently implemented by ADN
  • Study the fundamental knowledge and knowhow ADN staff should acquire from the Project
  • Develop the technical manuals and guidelines necessary for infrastructure project management as a client, such as design review, inspection, monitoring, and work procedure
  • Trial use of drafted manuals and guidelines, identification of issues, and finalization
  • Implement the on-the-job trainings, seminars and workshops using the prepared manuals and guidelines
  • Propose the future human resources development plan

Project Name: Strengthening Operation and Maintenance System for Expressway (Technical Assistance) in Vietnam (JICA)

Dainichi has assisted the capacity development of expressway operation and management in Vietnam and implemented the on-the-job trainings with the use of prepared manuals. With reference to the present expressway and national road operation and management system and manuals, Dainichi developed the manuals in four (4) fields: pavement, bridge, electrical facility and traffic control, and institutionalize thereof.

Expressway Tollgate

Our major activities

  • Diagnose current standards and regulations for expressways and national highways
  • Revise the presently used standards and regulations for expressways
  • Develop pilot operation and On-the-Job Training (OJT) plans using the revised standards and regulations
  • Procure equipment, tools and materials necessary for the pilot operations and OJT
  • Implement the pilot operation and OJT program
  • Finalize the standards and regulations for expressways based on the findings from pilot operation, and support MOT in institutionalizing the revised standards and regulations

Project Name: Data Collection Survey on Primary Bridges on National Roads and Maintenance System of Bridges in Sri Lanka (JICA)

Dainichi has surveyed 184 bridges requested from the executing agency, Road Development Authority (RDA), and selected 79 bridges for reconstruction. For such bridges, Dainichi has carried out bridge planning and preliminary design, and developed the project implementation plans.

For bridge maintenance, Dainicihi has reviewed the present bridge maintenance and management system, including the strategy, institutional framework, manuals, bridge management system and database, and tools and equipment used for inspection and repairs, and identified the issues for the possibility of technical cooperation by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Deterioration of Bridge Girders (Digarolla Bridge)

Narrow Road Bridge (Digarolla Bridge)

Our major activities

  • Surveyed the existing bridges distributed throughout Sri Lanka
  • Prioritize bridges to be improved in terms of importance in road network, insufficient road width / number of lane, inundation / insufficient water opening, soundness and environment
  • Planning, preliminary design and cost estimates for bridges to be reconstructed
  • Formulate the bridge reconstruction project, including project implementation plans
  • Study the current issues to be addressed on bridge maintenance and management system in RDA
  • Propose technical assistance scheme on bridge maintenance and management system

Project name: Capacity Development on Bridge Management (Supervision / Quality Control & Bridge Repair) in Ethiopia (JICA)

This is a JICA funded technical assistance project on bridge repairs. Dainichi conducted the technical guidance on bridge repairs, work supervision, quality control and time management for the selected engineers from the head office and regional offices of Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA), private consulting firms and contractors. Thereafter, Dainichi implemented the on-the-job trainings on the existing damaged bridges as well as workshops and seminars for sharing the knowledge and knowhow acquired with other relevant engineers and staff.

On-the-Job Training for Bridge Repair Works

Our major activities

  • Technical guidance on bridge repairs, including the types of bridge defect, damage and deterioration, mechanism thereof, repair methods and materials to be used
  • Market survey on the materials, equipment and tools used for bridge repair works available in Ethiopia for sustainability
  • On-the-job training on bridge repairs for honeycomb, crack injection; peel-off, scaling, spalling identified on existing damaged bridges, as well as quality control, construction time schedule management, work supervision and safety measures
  • Conduct the trainings and workshops for sharing the knowledge and knowhow

Project Name: Preparing the Second Northern Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) Transport Network Improvement Project (ADB TA: Vietnam & Laos)

This is an ADB funded project to formulate the road improvement project as a part of the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) north-eastern economic corridor, comprising 217 km of Route No. 217 in Vietnam from Thanh Hoa Province to the border with Lao PDR, and 128 km of National Road No. 6 in Lao PDR from Houa Phan to the border with Vietnam. The Project is expected to facilitate economic growth and regional cooperation.

Border at Nao Meo between Vietnam and Lao PDR.

National Road No.6 in Lao PDR.

Our major activities

  • Identification of technical issues on road and bridge construction and materials locally available
  • Feasibility study for the selected road sections, including 160 bridges, assessment of economic benefits, cross-border system, environmental and social impacts
  • Cost estimates on reconstruction and new development of project roads and bridges
  • Development of project implementation plan

Project Name: Preparing the Highlands Highway Rehabilitation Project (ADB TA: Papua New Guinea)

The objective of the Project is to assist the Department of Works of the Government of PNG in preparation of the Highlands Highway (Southern Highlands and Enga Provinces Network: Road links 350 km in length) Rehabilitation Project in order to support the economic growth through increased exports and integration of the Highlands Region. This TA is also to identify the need for and scope of capacity building of the road sector institutions at the state level for efficient and sustainable management of the road assets.

Our major activities

  • Feasibility study on the project, including the project rationale and scope, technical and economic appraisal, assessment of environmental and social impacts
  • Project implementation arrangements, including cost estimate and financing plan, program of financing, structural, and institutional development

Project Name: PHRD Grant TF057246 Urban Transport Study for Five Cities of Punjab Province, Pakistan (World Bank)

It is a World Bank funded project under the Planning and Development Department of Punjab. This study has two objectives: (i) identify the major issues faced by the Province and its five large cities for the provision of cost-efficient and equitable urban transport services, and (ii) recommend policy, institutional and regulatory reforms required for improving delivery of urban transport services in Punjab cities, especially in these five cities. The study has addressed the key issues related to planning, investment, and management for providing main urban transport services, such as public transport, urban roads, and traffic management. It also focused on land use and air quality management system.

Traffic Conditions within the City of Lahore

Our major activities

  • Urban transport policy and planning assessment
  • Urban transport institutional assessment
  • Public transport regulatory assessment
  • Urban transport financing assessment
  • Development of draft Punjab Urban Transport Policy (PUTP)
  • Development of Institutional Realignment or Reform Plan (IRP)
  • Public consultation

Project Name: Structural Design Checking of PC Extradosed Bridge at West Bank Bypass Project at Muzaffarabad-Naluchi, Pakistan

With the request from the Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) of the Government of Pakistan, Dainichi has implemented the design review of prestressed concrete extra-dosed bridge, proposed in Pakistan for the first time.

The original design was conducted using the software developed in Japan; however, in order to provide technical transfer to the local engineers, SAP 2000 was used. Dainichi has carried out the technical transfer for the use of SAP 2000, development of input data, and how to see the outputs.

Naluchi Bridge under Construction

Outline of target bridge structure

  • Bridge deck type: 2-spans prestressed concrete extra-dosed bridge
  • Bridge length: 246.0 meters
  • Span: 2@121.9 meters
  • Overall bridge width: 4 lanes, 15.6 meters

Project Name: Facilitation of Transport Cooperation among Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Countries (Phase-I) (ADB TA: Kyrgyzstan)

The objective of the Project is to undertake or update the pre-feasibility studies on developing and improving three regional transport corridors in the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) countries in order to facilitate economic growth and regional cooperation. CAREC consists of Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, People’s Republic of China (PRC), Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

Bishkek – Torugart (Kyrgyzstan)

Bishkek – Torugart (Kyrgyzstan)

Proposed three regional corridors

  • Bishkek – Tourgart – Kashi road (L= 604 km) linking Kyrgyzstan and China
  • Angren – Gulistan road (L= 150 km) in Uzbekistan, and
  • Oybek – Pungan road (L= 220 km) in Tajikistan

Project Name: Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency Support Project (Package 12: Road and Bridge Component) (ADB TA: Indonesia)

Indonesia has been severely affected by the earthquake and tsunami, occurred on December 26, 2004. The Government has requested the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to rehabilitate and reconstruct Banda Aceh – Sigli – Lhokseumawe – Bts Sumat road (Aceh east coast road), Banda Aceh – Krueng Raya road, and Banda Aceh urban roads. The total road length is 597 km, of which 115 km long road sections were reported to be heavily destroyed and 393 km road sections were slightly damaged. Dainichi has developed the rehabilitation project for approximately 120 km long heavily damaged roads, including 12 bridges, and implemented detailed design and construction planning.

Collapsed Panate Raja Bridge

Collapsed houses in Banda Aceh City

Project Name: Urban Air Quality Improvement Sector Development Program (ADB TA: Indonesia)

Dainichi assists in the preparation of the program to strengthen enforcement strategies and framework of urban air quality management in Indonesia, particularly in Jakarta and other four (4) industrial cities. Our responsibilities include reviewing policy and regulatory framework, strengthening institutional capacity, developing implementation strategies, and preparing investment plan to improve infrastructure that are required for air quality management in the program area.

Sources of Air Pollution in Jakarta City

Air Pollution in Jakarta City

Our major activities

  • Air pollution survey
  • Formulation of air quality management program

Project Name: Second Road Rehabilitation Project (ADB TA: Indonesia)

Dainichi has surveyed the existing 2,500 km long roads in Kalimantan Island and Sumatra Island of the Republic of Indonesia and formulated the road rehabilitation project.

For the purpose of recovering the economy and reducing the poverty, Dainichi selected the prioritized roads on national road network and formulated the rehabilitation plans. In addition, Dainichi reviewed the present traffic safety plans and road safety action plans, as well as develop the investment plans for future road rehabilitation works.

Road Conditions in West Kalimantan Province

Road Conditions in Riau Province, Sumatra

Our major activities

  • Surveyed the existing road conditions
  • Formulated the transport operation plan and road rehabilitation project
  • Developed construction investment plan

Project Name: NWFP Road Development Sector Project (ADB TA: Pakistan)

Dainichi assisted the NWFP in preparing an integrated road development project, comprising a policy and investment program that supports sustainable pro-poor growth, reduces poverty, promotes sub-regional cooperation, maintains current environmental conditions and is suitable for external financing from developed countries for improvement in road sector.

Road Conditions at Peshawar

Road conditions at Afghanistan Border