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Roads & Highways

Roads & Highways

Roads and highways are the basic social infrastructure, essential to the movement of people and transport of goods and freights, and play an important role as an open space for disaster prevention. In order to respond to the needs of people such as improvement of people’s lives, safety and security, Dainichi recognizes the importance of roads and highways and provides road planning and designs in consideration of user-friendliness, safety, cost effectiveness, durability and environmental conservation as well as local conditions.


  • Preliminary road planning and design, detailed road design
  • Design of road facilities (interchange, junction, rest areas, roadside stations, etc.)
  • Intersection design
  • Design of road structures (culvert, retaining wall, slope protection, etc.)
  • Soft soil treatment design
  • Pavement design
  • Inspection and repair design of road facilities

The vicinity of Shin-Sakuragaoka Interchange on Hodogaya Bypass

Roadside station, Mino-Niwakachaya

Nagaragawa Promenade


Design, maintenance and management of road tunnels require the security of safety of road users, environmental consideration, reduction of life cycle costs and so on. Dainichi always keeps an eye on the development of state-of-the-art technologies for investigation, design and construction, and promptly introduces them into our services for the purpose of proposing the safe tunnel planning in consideration of local needs.


  • Preliminary and detailed design of road tunnels
  • Design of tunnel lightings and emergency facilities
  • Analysis of road tunnels
  • Inspection and investigation of road tunnels
  • Repair and strengthening design of road tunnels
  • Development of inspection and diagnosis manuals for road tunnels
  • Development of tunnel life-extending repair plan

Tunnel inspection

Karuoka Tunnel

FEM analysis of a tunnel

Otani Tunnel

Disaster Prevention

In Japan, landslide, avalanche and rockfall due to torrential rains frequently occur. It is the emergency issue to protect people’s lives and property from such natural disasters. Dainichi provides the disaster-prone areas with secured disaster prevention plans.


  • Measures against falling rocks
  • Measures against bedrock collapse
  • Measures against landslide
  • Measures against avalanche
  • Measures against debris flow
  • Measures against collapse of soil filling
  • Development of inspection manuals for disaster prevention facilities

Rock shed

Suspended fence

Pocket-type rockfall prevention net

Rockfall prevention fence

Transport Planning

One of the recent issues in urban areas is to take measures against traffic congestion and accidents. With the use of various data and information such as traffic counts, traffic accidents and field survey results, Dainichi analyzes the factors of regional issues from various aspects, and proposes the best solution.


  • Measures against traffic congestion and facilitation
  • Study on causes of traffic accidents and measures thereof
  • Traffic demand projection
  • Study on the effects of road development project implementation
  • Study on the provision of information
  • Traffic surveys

Understanding of road traffic conditions and identification of issues

Study on the effects of traffic accident prevention measures using VR

Study on road sign installation using VR