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Survey and Investigation

Topographic Survey

With the best use of our solid survey techniques cultivated since its inception in 1952 and such state-of-the-art technologies as global navigation satellite system (GNSS), Dainichi provides high quality survey outputs and geospatial information advisory services with a wealth of experience. We are proud of the great trust from the clients.


Basic Survey

  • Control point survey, high-precision three-dimensional survey, geoid survey, resurvey of control point,

Public Survey

  • Control point survey, levelling, route survey, field survey, river survey, bathymetric survey, land survey

Surveying using total station

Surveying using global navigation satellite system (GNSS)

Land surveying

Cadastral Survey

Cadastral survey is imperative for the regions for the smooth implementation of public works and community development as well as prompt recovery and rehabilitation from large-scale disasters. Dainichi fully supports the clients in conducting cadastral survey projects.


  • Triangulation for cadastral minor control points
  • Traverse for cadastral minor control points
  • Parcel survey
  • Cadastral detail survey
  • Acreage measurement
  • Development of cadastral maps and books

Other Various Surveys

In various phases of public works such as recovery from the disasters and maintenance of facilities, it is in need of implementing a wide variety of measurement and information collection. With our secure measuring and geospatial information processing techniques as well as state-of-the-art instruments, Dainichi proposes optimal survey methods to meet the needs of our clients.


Maintenance for Pavement

  • Pavement condition survey (maintenance control index, international roughness index, falling weight deflectometer, etc)
  • Simulation of future pavement conditions
  • Development of pavement repair plan

Monitoring for Road Conditions

  • Image shooting (videotaping and continuous still image shooting by all azimuth camera, etc.)
  • Mobile mapping
  • Traffic volume survey

Special Measurement

  • Measurement using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) (production of ortho-photos and geographical shapes)
  • Velocity measurement using Doppler velocimeter (flow direction and velocity determination, riverbed configuration)
  • Laser measurement (void and cavity, invert deformation)

High-precision image shooting using UAV

Road surface condition survey using IRI vehicle

River survey using Doppler velocimeter