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Urban Planning

Urban Planning

For the sake of sound, ordered and sustainable development of urban areas, it is imperative to properly plan the land use, facility improvement and development. Dainichi settles the issues in urban areas and proposes the comfortable living environments for the people to spend happy lives.


  • Community development, regional planning
  • Development of regional vitalization plans and tourism plans
  • Planning of public facilities, design of roadside stations
  • Planning of parks and open spaces, park life-extending maintenance planning
  • Ultimate land use planning
  • Road scenery planning
  • Disaster prevention planning

Walking path lined with planted katsura trees

Representation of a post town using paper-framed lamps

Field works with public participation

Public relation activity in an exclusive booth

Land Development

Land development planning requires the considerations on surrounding areas from the view point of natural environment, living environment, traffic flows and disaster prevention. With our extensive knowledge, Dainichi implements land development planning and design, application of development permissions in consideration of environmental conservation.


  • Application of development permissions
  • Land development planning and design

Kasugai Industrial Park