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Dainichi has been providing the clients with comprehensive services for the development, maintenance and management of social infrastructure, from survey and investigation to planning, analysis and design, construction supervision, inspection and diagnosis, repair and strengthening, and asset management. Dainichi has therefore introduced the advanced technologies below in order to respond to the new needs and unknown issues of society.

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

UAV enables safe and cost effective photographing and videotaping from a birds-eye view at the time of natural disaster, limited access and so on. Such picture and video image can be seen from the ground.

The photographs taken can be processed to obtain the ortho image and terrain shape, followed by developing the digital elevation model (DEM), contour map, longitudinal and cross section profile for the use of infrastructure planning and design.

IRI (International Roughness Index)

Dainichi has been carrying out road condition surveys in Japan and achieved excellent outputs for our clients. Dainichi developed Integrated Analysis Vehicle for International Roughness Index (IRI), crack percentage and rutting measurement to achieve efficient road & highway pavement surveys. Our Integrated Analysis Vehicle enables highly accurate survey of pavement conditions at 25cm intervals and automatic shooting of high resolution images at 10m intervals while driving at maximum speed of 80km/h. It will not require any traffic control, and no concern on traffic congestion is arisen. It also enables significant cost savings with computer processing of collected data compared to conventional pavement surveys.

VR (Virtual Reality)

Dainichi’s VR simulation enables the visualization of high quality CIM model using the VR head-mounted display. With this, we can experience the future infrastructure as if being in front of us. It is possible to provide meeting materials visually good to understand and effective presentation in various infrastructure projects, which require accountability to local residents and development of advanced project implementation plans.

  • Visualize the CIM (Construction Information Modeling) model developed with the use of road design three-dimensional CAD
  • Provide realistic representation and walk-through view of 3D space
  • Provide omniazimuth and real-scale stereopsis by VR head-mounted display
  • With the system developed in-house, add the functions depending on the purposes, and develop the user interfaces

Electromagnetic Wave Radar

For inspection and diagnosis, repair and strengthening design works, Dainichi has been using the electromagnetic wave radar in order to detect the reinforcing steels and cavities or voids in concrete. It enables the development of 3D image within the concrete structures.